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When AGGELAKIS chicken discovered olive oil, it became an “OliVchicken”

The OliVchicken is the only chicken raised with animal feed of 100% vegetal origin and 2% pure olive oil. The result is in our dish: a chicken which is tenderer, tastier and certainly healthier.

OliVchicken certifications…

OliVchicken grows up in farmlands of Euboea in accordance with quality procedures followed by AGGELAKIS S.A.

It is AGROCERT certified for 100% plant-based diet and for the addition of 2% pure olive oil; its unique production process is patented.

OliVchicken secrets…

The diet of OliVchicken is intrinsically linked to its quality. Authentic vegetable feed is enriched with 2% olive oil. Thanks to the invaluable properties of the olive oil, chicken meat is tastier and tenderer and its fatty acids are diversified. It is well known that olive oil has a much higher nutritional value compared to other seed oils and is rich in vitamin E. Olive oil, compared to selenium, a trace element, and due to its beneficial qualities, constitutes an ideal choice for our daily meals.

OliVchicken beneficial properties!

The meat of the Olive chicken is rich in Selenium. Selenium is a fundamental trace element for human health. By consuming just 100gr of Oliv Chicken, we can be provided with 49% of the daily recommended intake and contribute to:

  • the normal functioning of the immune system
  • normal thyroid function
  • protecting cells from oxidative damage (antioxidant activity)

So, if you are seeking for a new gourmet experience in your daily life, with added benefits for your body, try the Oliv Chicken.

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